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I am a Reiki Master and Massage Therapist working in the Cotswolds.  I also live on an Organic Farm and am interested in how we can improve our health in what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies and how to maximise our immune systems to stay healthy.  I have two teenage children about to fly the nest and a young fledgeling so have to do a fair bit of juggling!

By sapeach, May 9 2015 08:23PM

I was out taking my three year old son to see my husband on his tractor last week and whilst walking across the unploughed headland I was brought to a standstill by the incredible sight of hundreds of seagulls wheeling around the tractor and plough. As the tractor turned at the end of one run and began to slowly make progress back up the hill a long stream of white feathers settled itself behind in the newly turned soil intent on finding food. There were enough to make a line for the entire length of the field and after taking some photos I began to wonder how it was that they knew where and when to find my husband and his plough. Seagulls don’t live in the countryside like pigeons do, they don’t roost at night in the trees, they like to go home each night to the concrete cliffs we provide for them in places like Swindon….with handy en -suite rubbish tips when times are tough. You see them flying around a little looking for tractors ploughing but not even in the huge flocks like pigeons and starlings. So how do they know? How do sharks know where the mackerel are shoaling? How do whales and dolphins know that it’s time to congregate in a particular place? We know they can sing songs that carry for miles and have their own languages and even particular dialects for each family group but is more at work here?

How did those amazing elephants congregate at the house of the author and conservationist Lawrence Anthony after he died? Who told two separate herds of South African elephants he saved that they should travel twelve hours to his house which they hadn’t been to for the past eighteen months? Coincidence?

I have had all sorts of interesting ‘coincidences’ happen to me in my life, but many more since I started focussing on Reiki, trained in Reiki and then began to start treating clients. And the more I mention these the more I hear of others with similar experiences. To my older son this is all just an anomaly that surely can be rationally explained by science. To me, my daughter and I suspect to my three year old the answer is logical to us but discounted by science. Beyond our physical senses there is a fascinating world of empathy, sensitivity and heightened awareness that can enhance and empower us in our daily lives.

Through Reiki I feel I am on a path of self-discovery and improvement that many others have trod. It is fantastic and exciting and at times annoying when you ignore your instincts and they prove right all along. It helps me to find old injuries, problems clients haven’t told me about and intuitively I can then be the channel for Reiki energy to help my clients. Suddenly injuries are eased, sleep improved, mojo refound and stress busted….or whatever is needed, as we are taught, ‘for the greatest and highest good’. In the future I hope to work with horses and dogs who very often are very receptive to some Reiki energy work. So maybe seagulls do have Facebook in the ether with pictures of tractors ploughing and a pin on the map and ‘be there or be square’…we just can’t see it. Meanwhile I will have to rely on Ripples Magazine and Facebook and soon, (I can’t wait!) my very own website to let people know I’m here and ready to help. There may just be some pictures of seagulls…..

Sally Peachey offers relaxing hour-long treatments using Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki at Fairford Therapy Centre, Cirencester Hypnotherapy and Healing Centre and at client’s homes as required.

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